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Elephant riding - Pai river



Ko Chang, Thailand's second largest Island after Phuket is one of the quietest Islands. Only a jaunt away from busy Bangkok you can get there within almost two hours if you fly with Bangkok Airways (50min flight plus transfer to the island). I did the flight and the bus (6h) on my way back and enjoyed both. Ko Chang (Elephant Island) is part of the Ko Chang Marine Park and it is about 75% impressive and undisturbed rainforest. Still it is Thailand's newest jewel for tourism and quickly developing. Until 2002 there was no a single paved road on the whole island, now it goes almost around.

Ko Chang by air

I spent a bit more then a week at Lonely Beach and were most of the time around the Treehouse, which unfortunately has to close at the end of 2005. The many colorful butterflies on the island are almost everywhere and it is very special to see all different types and sizes around. I would name Ko Chang Butterfly Island. Ko-Chang is famous with the young crowds who are not so in the full-moon-party-scene. I personally found that at some spots on the beach (Nature Rock) it got quite loud and the music played until 2.30 a.m. Around the Treehouse which is almost history it was very nice. Pamela who is running the place did excellent food (curries, sea- and thaifood) and offered refreshing fruit-lassies and juices. The service was great.

I expected to be Lonely Beach a bit more lonely and would avoid it in the main season or look for a different place. The most amazing thing was that I met really great people at this place. Rita and Olli, I will surely not forget our great conversations and your travel stories from India and South America. Very inspiring.

Rita & Olli @ Love Shack

Despite the heavy rain and thunderstorms (the monsoon just started the day I arrived), which I enjoyed Ko Chang was worth visiting and I will certainly be back to the Ko Chang Marine Park one day. There are many steep hills and cliffs on Ko Chang (rising to the 744m Khao Jom Prasat) and mangroves and beach forest are found in abundance. The jungle-covered mountain tops which were mist covered every day remind a lot of Hawaii's Maui.

The Treehouse opened a new place called Longbeach on the eastern side of the island which is accessible towards a gravel road or by boat. So the great spirit hopefully remains. See you when you get there.

After I left Ko Chang I spent two nights in Bangkok and was flying down to Phuket to explore the Andaman Coast.

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