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Kiteboarding the danish westcoast has always been very special to me. Sanddunes, late hours on the water (as the sun sets not before 10 p.m. in summer), wide beaches, friendly danish people, lots of wind and good waves is what you usually get when traveling along the danish westcoast. Grown up in Kiel close to the danish boarder I know the danish coast for more than fifteen years and spent countless long weekends chilling out with friends in places like Romö, Klittmöller, Vorupör and Agger.

Vejers Strand

It was time again to pay Denmark a visit now that I was in Europe, spending time with friends and family. I asked my good friends Michael (MMMeikel) and Olli to join me on a roadtrip. So we took of in Michael's well equipped campervan and his dog Lucy which accompanied us was instantly King of the two passenger seats, so I lived in the back of the van. The weather forecast didn't look too good but we headed of anyway. The first day we reached Romö, the long island just north of Germany's famous North Sea Island Sylt. Romö is a paradise for Kites.

Michael in charge of the barbie
Many Kite flyers, Buggy's and Kiteboarder occupy the vast stretches of beach which get up to one kilometer wide. The beach is accessible via car and a huge campground is nearby at La Kolk. We arrived at Romö in the late evening but didn't get onto the water as it was too cold (20 degrees was too cold esp. for me). I was traveling only with a shorty this rtw-trip but had a Steamer at my parents place in Kiel so it wasn't too bad when we got on the water the end of the trip. A big advantage of Römö is that you get reception for the german mobile networks, so you are still reachable without roaming. Lucy was very happy she could run at the beach with Michael while I enjoyed preparing our first dinner, after not cooking for a couple of months.

Well equipped camper

Next morning we decided to head further north and after passing the harbor-town of Esbjerg we skipped Blavand, which is very good for easterly wind directions, to drive to the beautiful set Vejers Strand, right at the beach. The beach is accessible via car as well and many german holiday-makers where setting up their beach-tents. It is very popular by germans to build sand-castles and so there where plenty of them all over. Kids were playing with their kites but the wind was not enough for us. We enjoyed a beautiful warm day at the beach with blue skies, strolls through the dunes and had a tasty fish-bbq in the evening. I was once more amazed that in Denmark there is good light for photography as well. The sky was impressive this day and it will be in my memories for a long time. Michael has got a fancy stainless-steel two flame cooker that runs on petroleum in his van. I was still experimenting with it, preparing some chai for us, when suddenly the flame went up to the roof. Luckily nothing serious happened and I did not set the bus on fire. Michael, if you read this, I can just say: 'Ich war es nicht!' and you know what I mean.

Wednesday I knew how to deal with the cooker and after breakfast we had to dig the van out of the car as we got stuck at the toilet-house the night before at the beach. We slept well at the beach, listening to the rolling ocean and nobody bothered us. Normally you are not allowed camping at the beaches, but what can you do :-)

Vejers Strand

Next stop of our so far not-kiteboarding tour was Hvide Sande, located between the North-Sea and the large Ringköbing-Fjord (a fjord is a big inlet). Staying here for two nights while it drizzled all day long we were reading a lot, went fishing from one of the long wave-breakers (without catching any fish of course) and walked the dog. The visit here was very interesting from a culinary aspect as we had Scholle, a very nice fish, for two dinners in a row. Checking the wind-forecast regularly in one of the free-internet places at a local bakery or the Edeka supermarkets (I was surprised with free internet in Denmark, as it is usually expensive with everything else here) it looked like we should get wind the next two days.

Strandgut - Alles Gut

So we did not drive further north to Klittmöller, the wave-paradise in Northern Europe, but headed south again towards Romö for Saturday and Sunday. We found good conditions here. First day on the 12 and the next on the 9m kites Michael Werner (Photographer from Hamburg) joined us for a relaxing run along the coast while having onshore winds. Sunday morning was great. Southerly winds with 20 knots and blue sky with some showers. Perfect sideshore and some small 1m waves. This was the first decent kiteboarding session for me within three months and the following day I felt many muscles in my body I haven't used for long. Good to be on the water again and especially with good old Michael and his dog Lucy. We were having a great time and will be back.

Kitelaunch behind Michaels van



Boat - Ringköbing harbour

Sunset - Vejers Strand

Michael - Kiteboarding / Romö

Michael - Frying a Scholle

Michael - Kiteboarding / Romö