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Kitesurfing rocks.

Capetown, January 2001. I was on holiday and took my windsurfing equipment with me. Unfortunately it was not windy at all during the first ten days of my three week holiday, but still windy enough for a lot of Kitesurfers down at Sunset Beach to play in the waves. I thought I'd give it a go and signed up for kiteboarding lessons in Langebaan. After three lessons I had an understanding of flying kites and had respect for the power they can generate. It did not took long and I was on the board.

The best thing in Langebaan was actually that I saw this professional dude who did huge jumps with spins and stuff and I decided immediately to give up windsurfing (after ten years) and learn this sports properly.

So, kiteboarding got me hooked and until today I love it. I spent almost 180 days on the water during my round the world trip in 2001 and learned a lot. In 2002 I started to join the german kiteboarding circuit, won my first german competition and finished fourth in the overall rankings that year. Today I retired from competing and enjoy extensive traveling in Australia and the rest of the world with my kite stuff. To surf in big waves, as we have in Gnaraloo, Australia is a real challenge and learning the latest tricks makes sure that it isn't getting boring on flat water either. It is easy to travel with kite equipment and always good to be on the water.


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